Equine partnered education for the sake of transforming human relationship and leadership skills is Ms. Moore’s passion.

Certified as both an equine guided educator and an organizational development coach, as well as a consummate project manager, Susan is ideally suited to successfully design and implement an internship program to train others to offer the profound learning opportunity of partnering with horses. Susan founded a nonprofit organization that offers personal / professional development programs, designed to empower people through their experience of connection with horses. Inspired by Stanford University’s Medicine & Horsemanship Program, she developed a CEU program for health care providers that successfully grows the participants’ ability to build patient / practitioner relationships, through teaching mind / body awareness, presence, and creation of trust. Susan is committed to growing a local network of equine-partnered learning professionals in our under-served area. Susan is a collaborator and practices shared leadership, a dynamic seen in horse herds, which ensures the survival of the herd.