ETC Sponsorship Program

Providing food, water, hay, as well as veterinary and farrier care to each of our horses can add up to a lot! You can help us to fulfill our vision by providing support every month through the ETC Sponsorship Program. Your monthly donation is important and it doesn’t have to be very much. Just $10 from many people a month can help us to provide what our horses need.
Please help us make a difference and pledge a monthly donation to ETC today. We highly appreciate it and value charitable act and so do the horses!
If you are interested in being a part of this program please email  
Sponsor an Individual Horse
If you are interested in providing the funds to care for the day-to-day needs of one of our horses you will be making a huge impact in their lives. 
Your sponsorship will go a long way in helping us to provide a happy life for the animal you choose. Your contribution will go towards the cost of feed, veterinary, and farrier care, as well as medications and necessary supplements. If you are interested please contact
You can also schedule time to meet and spend time with your horse by emailing Susan Moore at




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