Empowerment Through Connection 


Youth Leadership 

Sundance Circle Hippotherapy 

Through liberty work and horsemanship, participants build bonds with the horse herd, ignite deep connections and through this process the quality of patient-centered care and peer-peer relationships are enhanced both directly and indirectly.  

By stepping into the horse world, day to day ways of communicating change. Leave behind auditory connections and learn how to connect with others through the power of horse language. Listening and having patience with a horse makes the relationship become stronger. By having these same qualities; patience, listening and being aware, develop the power to connect with people of all walks of life.



be the change you wish to see in the world.  Gandhi

Be a catalyst for individuals to learn who they are being in this world.  Once they've opened themselves up to new awareness, this can assist in directing an individual in making shifts within themselves.

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Beyond scheduled events, our ranch is open for weekend visits for those who want to reconnect with the land, observe and interact with the herd for community gatherings. 

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Improving lives throughout the Northwest and around the world!  Working with horses to develop interpersonal skills 

"When people come together they share their ideas.  With collaboration, truly great things can happen."  Elliot Bisnow