Interacting with the horses on a one on one basis brings a lot of awareness and real world skills. Many often question whether the connections made when working with a horse can truly reflect into everyday life with peers, coworkers and simply other humans. But when it gets right down to it, it's the connections made without voice and without auditory language that form the long-lasting relationships. Some say communication is 20% auditory language and the rest is a mix of your energy, attitude and body language. By tuning in with horses and allowing ourselves to do it their way, we can harness this beautiful way of connection and form deeper bonds within yourself and with others. Through this process individuals can grow a louder and stronger voice, even if it isn't auditory!

 Working together

all as unique individuals

towards a common goal.


We want to give a big shout out to our committed volunteers! Thank you Meigan and Emily for putting in the work and effort to repaint this fence. ETC is located on an originally fixer upper equine property. After the hard work of many committed individuals the property is beautiful as ever and looking better and better each day. The safety of our horses also depends strongly on the maintanence of the property. A clean home and safe environment makes for some happy horses! We have many more property projects coming up. Come volunteer and join our fun team of hard working individuals!


                                                                                              People and horses

                                                                                      Stepping aside from comfort;

                                                                                         Herds without judgement

Because of the surprise wind on Saturday, we shifted to plan B and moved our first event and "the girls" to a covered arena about 15 miles away.  Plan B ran very well. A complete success.

Interested and engaged participants, professional and caring assistants and of course Susan, the energy behind etc.

Thanks to everyone and Elsa and Lynn. Because of you all we've got our first success under our belt.





We had a wonderful volunteer appreciation lunch this afternoon and a birthday celebration for one of our volunteers! Happy Birthday Brittney! 

Loved seeing some old friends and enjoyed making new ones! Lots of smiles and laughter!

                 Each with their own voice

                   speaking the universal.

                      ours, but to listen.



                      Defined by limits.

                 Differences become real.

                   Truth waits patiently.


There is no "magic", no "wizardry" and no illusion in any of the growing understanding that we all not only have a place in this world but that we can help each other to understand it. 

There is patience to learn a new language. There is compassion to remain open to an "alien" species. There is an awareness of energetic communication between sentient beings and there is a wisdom in accepting that there may be more going on than our right-brained intellect/logic can explain.

Our first programs are targeted at medical/health care professionals. The benefits are easily recognized through measurable criteria related to patient/professional interaction, i.e. "bedside manner".  Our ultimate vision is to introduce the benefits of Empowerment through Connection, specifically by learning to connect and communicate with our equine partners to everyone and anyone interested. Stay tuned in for additional programs and contact us with ideas for expanding the reach of equine-guided education.