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Empowerment through Connection

Empowerment through Connection (ETC) is a sponsoring organization empowering a community of regional equine assisted service organizations transforming the bodies, minds and spirits of people throughout Western Washington.  Our sponsored organization’s teams utilize the unique qualities of the horse-human connection to create positive change, emotional and physical transformations, and life-changing shifts in the lives of children, teens, adults and veterans in our communities.  This innovative structure allows thousands to heal, grow and learn in meaningful, lasting ways each year.

Programs that get to the Heart of the Matter…

Tom, a marine veteran at an equine assisted therapy retreat, wakes to the sound of birds singing and the breeze rustling the trees around his.  As he lays there he breathes deeply, feeling safe and relaxed thinking how hard it is to believe that a couple of months ago he had considered ending his own life and how lucky he had been to be supported through that desperate time by his community.  He is still working on those feelings, and wonders if he is strong enough to make different choices if he feels desperate again.

Softly in the distance, he hears a horse whinny for breakfast and wonders if it is Dane the horse, he met yesterday.  The gelding that scared him at first, making him anxious and self-conscious while at the same time curious and drawn to him.  He remembers how it felt to breathe deeply, relax his body, approach him slowly and have him calmly, curiously do the same with him.  He remembers what it was like later that day to have the hippotherapy team help him carefully put his injured leg across his back; how whole he felt feeling him walk strongly underneath him. 

Nothing in his life has made his feel that connected to another being.  During those moments, he felt like the rest of the world disappeared and the horse was only responding to him and him to his horse. Mostly, he remembers feeling hopeful- that if he could do this, what else could he do? 

This is Empowerment through Connection…

Our innovative structure reaches thousands annually by empowering our supported organizations to:

Serve individuals, groups, and professionals of all ages.
Utilize a network of service organizations, facilities and herds in Western Washington.
Partner with teams of mental health, EFMHL, and physical therapy professionals.
Provide professional development opportunities for and collaborate with community human service and business professionals.
When everyone is empowered to more effectively serve their clients, patients, employees and customers, this creates a strong web of support that more efficiently overcomes the challenges facing our communities.

We believe it truly does “take a village” and we would be honored if you would join us.

Meet Our Community…

NW Hearts United

Equine faciliated mental health and learning programs serving youth, adults, groups, veterans and more in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and King Counties in Washington.

Sundance Circle Hippotherapy

Therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment located in Sumner, Washington.

Horses Guiding Humans

Equine facilitated mental health and learning programs serving youth, adults, groups, veterans and more in Pierce County in Washington State.

Four Star Farms

Youth equestrian and empowerment programs in Graham, Washington

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man."

-Winston Churchill
How can you help?  Connect with us…


Heart-centric equine assisted methods for healing, connection and empowerment are being proven to be highly effective but funding is slow to catch up.   Empowerment through Connection helps enable regional equine assisted service organizations and heart-centered equine programs the ability to accept tax-deductible donations and charitable contributions in order to serve low-income, at-risk youth, teens, families, veterans and more.   Transform someone’s life today!

Sponsor us

Sponsor Empowerment through Connection!  Sponsorship highlights your interest in empowering positive change in our communities, engagement in community health initiatives and a commitment to connecting with others from the heart.  Your message will reach the entire Upper Puget Sound region.  Your information will reach a vast majority of this area’s social service, medical, mental health, education, chemical dependency, law enforcement professionals, school districts staff, university mental health & education departments, community centers, hospitals, Vet Centers, local businesses, horse professionals and enthusiasts… and more!


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